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Kevin Moran is a Los Angeles based percussionist and composer who applies his studies of world rhythm's and new technologies such as trigger electronics to create and perform music that move the soul.

Kevin has recorded percussion at Capitol Records for the 2017 and 2018 Cal Arts Jazz CD's. His percussion trio BeLoKe debuted their original composition "Petrichor" at the 2018 Cal Arts World Music Festival and they continue to actively perform in Los Angeles. He actively performs Ewe music of Ghana In Volta Drum and Dance.  Kevin also plays drum kit in the lounge group Girlfriend 4000 and the improvised duo Stepfoot. On November 19, 2017 Kevin released a solo electronic EP "Everything Floats" under the moniker Chute. He is currently developing a live performance setup for Chute that fosters communication between Roland and Sunhouse drum triggers, Ableton Live and music programming language Max MSP.

Kevin has performed with Nani Agbeli, Randy Gloss, Andrew Grueschow, Pete Levesque and Houman Pourmehdi among many others. He is currently pursuing a World Music Bachelors in Fine Arts at The California Institute of The Arts where he studies with Swapan Chaudri, Nani Agbeli, Steve Lehman, Amy Knoles, Randy Gloss and Andrew Grueschow. Prior to this Kevin developed a love for music at King Philip High School where he studied percussion with Ryan Loud and won multiple awards as a member of the King Philip marching band, indoor percussion ensemble, world percussion ensemble, jazz ensemble, chorus and symphony band.